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Our clock workshop is able to revise or repair any l’Épée Française clock (made in Sainte-Suzanne).

Our extremely precise knowledge of the different stages of production of l’Épée clocks as well as the different generations of their production allows us to efficiently diagnose the work to be done to restore the clocks entrusted to us.

Icone restauration

Restoration of the mouvement

Has your clock stopped working ? Does it have a problem with the winding, the ringing, etc.? We will identify the problem and offer you an estimate to restore your clock to life.


Has your clock been damaged by a fall? Does it have broken or missing parts? Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment (machines, tools) and our technical skills, we are able to repair damaged parts or manufacture missing parts. We also replace the glass of carriage clocks.

Refurbishing of a case

Over time, your case may deteriorate and show oxidation caused by ambient humidity or acidic sweat. We can restore your case to its original condition.


With us, all L’Épée problems find a solution, and all L’Épée products (French or English) can be reconditioned, regardless of their era.

Our workshop also repairs or restores all other types of clocks, alarm clocks, clocks, as well as antique carriage clocks (19th century clocks made by Japy, Drocourt, Couaillet, Henri Jacot, etc.). If you wish to send us the articles to be repaired or to carry out a revision in order to avoid possible future dysfunctions.