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1839 La Cent-Cinquantenaire


La Cent-Cinquantenaire
limited edition of 1989

Alarm, Ring,
Snooze, Date and Moonphase
Designs on the sides

1990 La Bambou

minia 1990

La Bambou
limited edition of 1990

Alarm, Ring,
Snooze, Date
and Moonphase

1991 La Mozart

minia 1991

La Mozart
limited edition of 1991

Alarm, Ring, Snooze, Date, Music

1992 L’Amerika

minia 1992

limited edition of 1992

1993 L’Astronomia

minia 1993

limited edition of 1993

1994 La Transparente

minia 1994

La Transparente
limited edition of 1994

1995 La Présidentielle

minia 1995

La Présidentielle
limited edition of 1995

La Géante


minia astrolabe

in blue or in red